Trulli Points-free

Trulli Points-free

The Trulli of Coreggia constitute one of HPB's most popular sites, so normally it's a case of booking ahead, then waiting with growing anticipation (and of course enjoying lots of other Bond holidays in the interim!). But just sometimes, someone gets lucky. Step forward, Steve and Pam Robinson, who just happened to log into the HPB website at precisely the right moment...

Late on a September Thursday afternoon - 4.53pm - Pam checked the HPB website for the next week. There was a trullo in Coreggia available from Monday. 

A quick phone call to HPB reserved the apartment but could we get a flight? Gatwick to Bari at £550: too expensive! But Julie in the HPB Travel Club used her expertise to source a return flight from Birmingham to Naples for £200 return for us both. Within an hour we had organised car hire and an overnight hotel in Birmingham.

Birmingham airport was remarkably busy at 5am on a Monday. Most people were flying off with the big holiday companies.

But we knew that we were in for a much better adventure.

We arrived at HPB Coreggia, found by following the well placed HPB signs, and drove up to the new office and clubhouse to meet the manager, Toni. Greeting us warmly, she asked if we had had a good journey.

Coreggia is a small site with eight trulli, three of which are villas. We were in T3 - sympathetically extended to give a large and spacious living space. It has all the usual HPB fittings. The large swimming pool is only 40 paces away. As the site is so small, you can get to know other Bondholders, or you can enjoy the serenity of the Italian countryside.

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