How the Holiday Property Bond works

This is a brief summary of how HPB delivers its holiday benefits. To understand it fully, including how its over 1,400 properties cater for all types of holidaymaker and the extra Holiday Points free holiday opportunities and other offers available, you should find out more so that we can explain just how HPB can provide wonderful holidays for life.

  • An initial payment of as little as £5,000 gives you units in the HPB fund which holds the entire portfolio of villas, cottages and apartments, as well as a securities portfolio, the returns from which go towards management costs.
  • Every £1 of your initial payment gives you one Holiday Point every year. You can use these Holiday Points to book the HPB property of your choice. The number of Holiday Points required for a property depends on its location and size and the time of year you want to go.
  • HPB's holiday benefits continue every year as long as you or your heirs hold the investment.
  • When you book a holiday you pay a no-profit user charge to cover the actual costs of running and maintaining the properties rather than a commercial rental charge.
  • The only additional payment is a modest quarterly charge of around £30, that is around £130 a year, which can be increased by no more than RPIX.
  • As the Holiday Property Bond is a financial product, technically a life assurance bond, its marketing and promotion requires that we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You will be given everything you need to understand HPB and in particular the risks as well as the benefits, including restrictions on when you can cash in your HPB investment. As it is a financial product your capital is at risk and you should not expect to get back the full amount you have paid.
  • All new investors benefit from a unique "Money Back Promise". If you take a first HPB holiday within three years of investing and are not for any reason entirely happy, you can apply to cash in your HPB investment within fourteen days of your return. Whatever the cash in value the parent company of the issuer of HPB will make up any difference so that you get back the full amount of your original payment.
  • HPB has no borrowings and all its assets, being the holiday properties, securities and cash, are controlled by an independent, regulated trustee company.

How much should I invest?

How much you should invest depends on your circumstances – in particular your holiday requirements and preferences. HPB's Holiday Points system is designed to be highly flexible and one of our representatives can explain it fully. Each £1 of your initial payment adds one Holiday Point to the allocation of Holiday Points that you receive every year for as long as you hold your bond.

The minimum initial payment to become a Bondholder is just £5,000 but the more you invest the more Holiday Points and holiday opportunities you will have. Many new investors make a higher payment based on their holiday aspirations, some make smaller payments to try out the Bond and then go on to "top up" to increase their holiday benefits.

To understand fully how HPB works and to decide on an appropriate level of investment, please book a Private Tour at an HPB holiday location or book a Personal Presentation at hotel near you. Or call free on 0800 230 0391 to arrange for a representative to meet you at a place of your choosing.

As we have already said this is a brief summary. To understand HPB fully and all its potential advantages, please contact us.

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