Physkos, Turunç, Turkey

  • 32 studios, apartments and villas in Turunç
  • Wonderfully secluded location on the Bozburun Peninsula, with an abundance of hidden bays and stunning beaches
  • Within easy walking distance of the coastal village of Turunç
  • Spectacular coastal views and the inviting clear-blue waters of the Aegean Sea on your doorstep
  • Incredible ruins of historic sites and ancient civilisations to be explored
  • Within easy reach of the popular resort of Marmaris

Physkos is part of the Holiday Property Bond portfolio offering exclusive access to over 1,400 properties to its 42,000 investors across more than 30 locations. You can find out more about Physkos below, but first a brief explanation about the Holiday Property Bond.

A. How can I holiday better?

Invest from £5,000 in the Holiday Property Bond for exclusive access to a portfolio of over 1,400 top quality villas, cottages and apartments in over 30 locations across the UK and Europe. For each £1 invested you will receive one Holiday Point each year which you can use to book the properties. And when staying in them you do not pay a commercial rent, just a no-profit user charge covering actual running, maintenance and refurbishment costs. This charge is level throughout the year so there are no high season premiums. For a studio the charge averages about £315 a week, for a two bedroom property around £480 a week. Larger properties are also available. This no-profit user charge is only payable when you want to go on holiday. Your only ongoing commitment is a quarterly fee of just over £30 – that is around £130 a year.

B. Will there be more properties in the future?

As we attract more investors the more properties we will add to the portfolio – increasing your holiday choice still further.

C. How long can I holiday with HPB?

For life if you wish – the holiday benefits last as long as you hold the Bond. In due course you can pass it and the holiday benefits to your children and grandchildren, as many of our earlier investors have already done. If, however, at some point you and your family no longer wish to holiday with us you can surrender your Bond back to the company after two years or more (subject to deferral in exceptional circumstances). You will not get back the full amount you invested, although we would hope that you will have had some wonderful holidays. What you do get back will reflect initial charges (25%) taken before your money is invested in the HPB fund of holiday properties and securities. The fund itself also pays annual charges of around 2.5% and other overheads. The value of the fund’s properties and securities can also go up or down and so, like most investments, your capital is at risk.

Physkos is a small yet delightful development of villas with private pools and comfortable apartments situated within easy walking distance of the bay and coastal village of Turunç. Though well served, Turunç retains an authentic Turkish character and charm – and with little traffic and a real village atmosphere, it makes for a wonderfully secluded destination.

The beach has been given a Blue Riband award for the cleanliness of its water and sand, and the main street, which is pedestrianised, has a good selection of shops. The wide range of waterside restaurants and bars also makes for a pleasant and relaxed nightlife.

The large, bustling resort of Marmaris can be reached by water-taxi during the main season (which takes 45 minutes) or by car throughout the year (30 minutes). It offers bars, shops and restaurants to cater for most tastes. In particular, the local shops offer the best prices for leather goods and jewellery anywhere in Turkey. The restaurants are renowned for their quality cuisine, which varies from traditional Turkish to contemporary European.

Physkos, Turunç, Turkey is part of the Holiday Property Bond portfolio offering exclusive access to over 1,400 properties to its 42,000 investors ("Bondholders"). If you are not already a Bondholder and would like further details please see below.

Take the kids to Turunç

While young couples will love the village of Turunç, it really is the ideal place for families with young children. There isn't much traffic here, so the little ones have more freedom when it comes to exploring the village. Plus, the beach here is fantastic too – swimming is safe and easy thanks to the shallow rake, and there are plenty of watersports to try, such as water-skiing and scuba diving, so even the older kids will have something to do.

Grab at a bargain on market day

It's well worth heading to Turunç on a Monday, as that's when the market is. You can purchase a wide range of goods here, from fresh produce to designer clothing and watches – be careful though, there are a lot of fakes around.

We recommend trying your hand a bartering at the markets, as it's an acceptable practice here in Turkey. Plus, it will make you feel all the more satisfied when you get something you want for a real bargain!

See one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Turkey has an interesting history – the Anatolian civilisation is particularly fascinating and you can see its remains throughout the country. The most famous remain is Ephesus, a World Heritage Site which is famously home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: the Temple of Artemis.

You'll need to get up early and spend a whole day at Ephesus in order to see everything. Plus, the site looks amazing at sunset.

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