Lucker Hall, Northumberland, England

  • 44 modern holiday units at Lucker Hall in Northumberland
  • Club facilities including indoor swimming pool
  • Close to the stunning Northumberland Coast AONB
  • Historic towns to visit nearby
  • Superb walking country
  • Water sports and outdoor activities at Kielder Park

Lucker Hall is part of the Holiday Property Bond portfolio offering exclusive access to over 1,400 properties to its 42,000 investors across more than 30 locations. You can find out more about Lucker Hall below, but first a brief explanation about the Holiday Property Bond.

A. How can I holiday better?

Invest from £5,000 in the Holiday Property Bond for exclusive access to a portfolio of over 1,400 top quality villas, cottages and apartments in over 30 locations across the UK and Europe. For each £1 invested you will receive one Holiday Point each year which you can use to book the properties. And when staying in them you do not pay a commercial rent, just a no-profit user charge covering actual running, maintenance and refurbishment costs. This charge is level throughout the year so there are no high season premiums. For a studio the charge averages about £315 a week, for a two bedroom property around £480 a week. Larger properties are also available. This no-profit user charge is only payable when you want to go on holiday. Your only ongoing commitment is a quarterly fee of just over £30 – that is around £130 a year.

B. Will there be more properties in the future?

As we attract more investors the more properties we will add to the portfolio – increasing your holiday choice still further.

C. How long can I holiday with HPB?

For life if you wish – the holiday benefits last as long as you hold the Bond. In due course you can pass it and the holiday benefits to your children and grandchildren, as many of our earlier investors have already done. If, however, at some point you and your family no longer wish to holiday with us you can surrender your Bond back to the company after two years or more (subject to deferral in exceptional circumstances). You will not get back the full amount you invested, although we would hope that you will have had some wonderful holidays. What you do get back will reflect initial charges (25%) taken before your money is invested in the HPB fund of holiday properties and securities. The fund itself also pays annual charges of around 2.5% and other overheads. The value of the fund’s properties and securities can also go up or down and so, like most investments, your capital is at risk.

Remote and breathtakingly beautiful, the county of Northumberland forms the bulk of the north-east of England – an enticing medley of delightful market towns, glorious golden beaches, wooded dells, wild uplands and an unsurpassed collection of historical monuments.

Situated in magnificent surroundings in the heart of Northumberland, Lucker Hall has been beautifully created to house 44 modern holiday units, just a stone’s throw from the famous Northumberland Coast AONB.

Northumberland is a county full of historical significance and Lucker has the added advantage of being just a short distance from the Lindisfarne National Nature Reserve where the historic ruins of Lindisfarne Priory still stand. From Lucker Hall you can explore a number of nearby towns including Alnwick with its imposing castle, and Seahouses, the pretty little fishing village.

Introducing Northumberland National Park

Edged to the south by Hadrian’s Wall and boasting a landscape dotted with prehistoric remains and fortified houses, north-west Northumberland is dominated by the wide-skied landscapes of Northumberland National Park, whose 400 windswept square miles rise to the Cheviot Hills on the Scottish border. The bulk of the Park is taken up by Kielder Water and Forest nature reserve, a superb destination for watersports and outdoor activities; there’s also superb walking to be had in the craggy Cheviot Hills. The lack of population here helped see the area awarded dark-sky status by the International Dark Skies Association in late 2013 (the largest such designation in Europe), with controls to prevent light pollution.

Capture the castle

Northumberland has more castles than any other county in England. Many, including Warkworth, Dunstanburgh, Bamburgh and Lindisfarne, stand guard along the dramatic coast. Others, like Alnwick, are a little inland. They are all distinctive – and very romantic. Alnwick and Bamburgh are filled with riches; Warkworth and Dunstanburgh were abandoned long ago and now stand as magnificent ruined testimony to a turbulent past.

Visit Lindisfarne

Drive across the causeway to the unique Holy Island of Lindisfarne, the birthplace of the magnificent Lindisfarne Gospels. At the Lindisfane Centre you can turn virtual pages of a facsimile version of the Gospels. The skeletal, red and grey ruins of Lindisfarne Priory are an eerie sight and give a glimpse into the isolated life of the Lindisfarne monks. The later 13th-Century St Mary the Virgin Church is built on the site of the first church between the Tees and the Firth of Forth, and the adjacent museum displays the remains of the first monastery and tells the story of the monastic community before and after the Dissolution.

Back to nature in the Farne Islands

During breeding season (roughly May to July), you can see feeding chicks of 20 seabird species (including puffin, kittiwake, Arctic tern, eider duck, cormorant and gull), and some 6,000 grey seals, on this rocky archipelago three miles offshore from the fishing village of Seahouses. Inner Farne is the more interesting of the two islands accessible to the public (along with Staple Island); its tiny chapel (1370; restored 1848) commemorates St Cuthbert, who lived there for a spell and died there in 687.

Lucker Hall, Northumberland, England is part of the Holiday Property Bond portfolio offering exclusive access to over 1,400 properties to its 42,000 investors ("Bondholders"). If you are not already a Bondholder and would like further details please see below.

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