Coreggia, Puglia, Italy

  • 5 holiday properties in Puglia
  • 7 trulli, with more to come, plus a villa
  • Unique properties with modern amenities
  • Communal outdoor pool
  • Olive groves, lemon trees, fine wine: the real soul of Italy
  • Close to the world heritage site of Alberobello
  • Sandy beaches within easy reach and history on your doorstep
  • A slower pace of life

Coreggia is part of the Holiday Property Bond portfolio offering exclusive access to over 1,400 properties to its 42,000 investors across more than 30 locations. You can find out more about Coreggia below, but first a brief explanation about the Holiday Property Bond.

A. How can I holiday better?

Invest from £5,000 in the Holiday Property Bond for exclusive access to a portfolio of over 1,400 top quality villas, cottages and apartments in over 30 locations across the UK and Europe. For each £1 invested you will receive one Holiday Point each year which you can use to book the properties. And when staying in them you do not pay a commercial rent, just a no-profit user charge covering actual running, maintenance and refurbishment costs. This charge is level throughout the year so there are no high season premiums. For a studio the charge averages about £315 a week, for a two bedroom property around £480 a week. Larger properties are also available. This no-profit user charge is only payable when you want to go on holiday. Your only ongoing commitment is a quarterly fee of just over £30 – that is around £130 a year.

B. Will there be more properties in the future?

As we attract more investors the more properties we will add to the portfolio – increasing your holiday choice still further.

C. How long can I holiday with HPB?

For life if you wish – the holiday benefits last as long as you hold the Bond. In due course you can pass it and the holiday benefits to your children and grandchildren, as many of our earlier investors have already done. If, however, at some point you and your family no longer wish to holiday with us you can surrender your Bond back to the company after two years or more (subject to deferral in exceptional circumstances). You will not get back the full amount you invested, although we would hope that you will have had some wonderful holidays. What you do get back will reflect initial charges (25%) taken before your money is invested in the HPB fund of holiday properties and securities. The fund itself also pays annual charges of around 2.5% and other overheads. The value of the fund’s properties and securities can also go up or down and so, like most investments, your capital is at risk.

The sun-drenched region of Puglia – in the far south east of Italy – is all but unknown to many holidaymakers. Consequently, it has maintained its authentic Italian feel. Here, medieval hilltop towns overlook gently rolling countryside, consisting for the most part of attractive olive groves, terraces and vineyards surrounded by dry stone walls.

At Coreggia, just outside the World Heritage Site of Alberobello, you will find a slice of Italian heritage, in the shape of a group of small trulli – traditional conical cottages now available as holiday homes. These unusual and delightful properties are situated in a very peaceful rural setting, and they have been carefully restored, enlarged and adapted for modern living whilst retaining the character and charm of the original dwellings. There is a communal swimming pool close to the properties and each trullo has its own patio area.

Try a variety of Italian food and wine

Puglia is well-known for its amazing variety of food and wine, as each town has its own cuisine to reflect its history, traditions and nationalities. Eating is a social event here that brings everyone together, so don't be afraid to get stuck in and try a bit of everything.

Food fairs are a regular event, with the majority taking place in July and August – be sure to check them out if your visit coincides.

Visit the famous trulli town, Alberobello

If you've fallen in love with the trulli at Coreggia, you'll certainly want to visit Alberobello (meaning beautiful tree in Italian), as it's also known as the Capitale dei Trulli. There are more than 1,000 white-washed trulli here, built across two hills. This World Heritage Site is unique and should not be missed.

See the incredible sassi cave dwellings at Matera

Just over the border in Basilicata is Matera, which is famed for its cave dwellings, known as 'sassi'. As well as the homes, there are more than 120 cave churches, all of which were excavated from the rock. Even today, people still live in these caves, though they have been renovated to better accommodate modern life.

According to UNCESCO, Matera has the most “intact example of troglodyte settlements in the Mediterranean region”, so it really is worth stopping by. You can even visit the sassi themselves to see what it's like to live in a cave. There are many wonderful frescoes to admire too.

Explore Castellana's limestone caverns

If you haven't had enough of caves yet, the limestone caverns at Castellana are beautiful and the best in all of Italy. First discovered in 1938, these interlinked caverns are full of stunning stalactite and stalagmite formations, but the real highlight is the Grotta Bianca. The stalactites in this white alabaster cavern are incredibly thin.

Admire the architecture in Lecce

Lecce's nickname is the 'Florence of the South' thanks to its amazing architecture. The cathedral is the real stand-out attraction, with its Baroque art and twelve altars.

Coreggia, Puglia, Italy is part of the Holiday Property Bond portfolio offering exclusive access to over 1,400 properties to its 42,000 investors ("Bondholders"). If you are not already a Bondholder and would like further details please see below.

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