Holiday Certainty

Holiday Certainty

Holiday certainty in an uncertain world… this promise, used in much of our advertising over the past turbulent year, remains just as true as ever. The longevity of the Bond, and our passion for the Bond as a product, has enabled generation after generation of Bondholders to enjoy holiday certainty in the future.

When the Holiday Property Bond was launched in 1983 as an alternative to timeshare – popular at the time, but getting an increasingly bad rap – it took a leap of faith from our early investors: putting their money into what was, at that time, a dream. Over the years we have seen our investors trust and loyalty continue to grow and for that we are ever grateful.

The Bond has never borrowed money to pay for its developments and so, the more investors the Bond has attracted over the years, the larger the portfolio has been able to grow. Whilst work is underway on our latest holiday site in North Devon, we have been continuing to look ahead to the future and started a preliminary search for the next Bond site, with the proposed locations being Northern Ireland and Lisbon.

A family business with family values
Founded and still owned and run by two Suffolk families who really understand the importance and value of proper family time, the Holiday Property Bond has its investors’ interests at its core. 

Over the past 37 years, in response to changing market conditions, we’ve introduced many refinements to ensure our investors (Bondholders) get the most from their Bond. Short-notice offers, for example, and long-stay concessions for those who wish to over-winter at the sunshine sites down south. Our priority has always been the Bondholders, and ensuring they get the holidays they deserve with the people they love. In the face of 2020’s unforeseen challenges, first Brexit, then the Coronavirus, we hope they feel we have put their needs first where possible and handled a difficult situation in a fair way.

Responding to changes...
The political landscape in the UK has seen a big change. The initial uncertainty surrounding Brexit meant that many would-be Bondholders were reluctant to commit to HPB. Time will tell whether our departure from the European Union will be to the nation’s net benefit or detriment. I’m pleased to say, however, that the Holiday Property Bond held its own. It may not have grown its portfolio as much as we would have wished during that time, but we’ve maintained steady forward progress: proof of the underlying quality and solidity of the Bond as an institution; and no mean achievement, when so many others (Thomas Cook being the most famous casualty) were hurtling backwards.

Secondly, the Covid-19 Pandemic was a challenge unlike any we’ve faced before. At the outset of Covid, holidaymakers and holiday companies were not unreasonably fearful. As the virus mutates and spikes here and there, we are all being forced to react, and react rapidly, to ever-changing circumstances. I am immensely proud of how each of our departments here, and the site staff, have rallied behind the Bond and embraced challenges such as working from home or managing with reduced numbers. They’ve kept morale high and, at the end of it all, we had a united goal: to keep our investors happy and safe, to put our trust in them as they have put theirs in us.

You may have thought, with all this, that new investment in the Bond would have taken a nosedive. Well, so did we – but as it happens we all thought wrong. Far from plummeting, over the past year we have seen new investment in HPB continue, particularly with existing Bondholders determined to holiday even more in the years ahead. It is a testament to our investors, and to their faith in HPB, that we have still been receiving new sales during all this uncertainty and we’d like to thank them for continuing to refer friends and family to HPB. We hope that they will agree that their trust in the Bond has not been for nothing. We have received countless messages of thanks for the refunds, for rearranging holidays and for the repatriation of stranded Bondholders. Amongst all the uncertainty and upheaval of the past twelve months, we are finally beginning to see good news on the horizon. Thanks to the vaccinations and the hard work of so many dedicated people, the nation could soon be looking forward to safer, happier times towards the latter half of 2021. And the Bond will be there, as strong as ever, when that time comes.

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