Confidence in the Holiday Property Bond is greater than ever

Confidence in the Holiday Property Bond is greater than ever

In these uncertain times, when people are afraid to book holidays and many of those who have had to cancel have no idea if they will get their money back, HPB has been overwhelmed by the show of confidence from its investors. ‘Bondholders’, as these investors are known, have been greatly encouraged by the way HPB has handled the COVID-19 pandemic and the adapted cancellation policy that was introduced. They have continued to refer their family and friends to HPB by the hundreds and are even continuing to add money themselves so increasing their holiday entitlements ready for when it is safe to travel again.

HPB always puts its Bondholders’ needs first and those Bondholders are unashamedly proud of their product. Marketing of the Holiday Property Bond is through a company authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and there is a Bondholder Committee with a majority of independent members that provides investor feedback to management. HPB has never borrowed money, it continues to grow its portfolio of holiday properties only through new investor funds.

Communication has been paramount during the coronavirus crisis and HPB has ensured that its Bondholders were kept up to date with cancellation policies and assured that they would not lose any of their holiday entitlement. HPB Travel Club, which is fully ABTA and ATOL protected, has worked tirelessly to repatriate those Bondholders who were at HPB's overseas sites, and to organise full refunds for travel arrangements that had to be cancelled.

Going above and beyond

Holiday Property BondIn March 2020 it became clear very quickly that Bondholders would need to be repatriated as quickly and as efficiently as possible in the light of the travel bans and imminent UK lockdown. With a lot of hard work from the team in the Travel Club, the majority of Bondholders were safely back home by 27 March 2020. Through a series of unfortunate flight cancellations, 10 Bondholders remained stranded in Turkey with their only option for leaving the country being a very arduous, multi-leg, journey. The decision was made to step in.

“The safety and comfort of our Bondholders has always been, and will always be our main priority,” says James Boyce, Managing Director of HPB Management Limited. “During these unusual circumstances it was essential that we found a way to return them to their families.” A private jet was chartered to retrieve them, meeting the Bondholders at Izmir on Friday 3 April. The jet instantly turned for England, arriving safely at Stansted Airport within four hours, enabling the passengers to finally make their way home. “I am hugely impressed by the team’s diligence and commitment to this situation,” Mr Boyce concluded, “and was glad to have the group back safely.”

Physkos, Turunç, Turkey

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