Chilling in the warmth

Chilling in the warmth

“I came here for a holiday and stayed for six months. When I went back home I decided to move here for good.” I’m listening to an exiled Scot whilst tucking in to my full English breakfast just a few minutes’ walk from the HPB’s property Santa Rosa on Lanzarote.

The warm climate is an obvious attraction, but it isn’t just that. Lanzarote is a good size – big enough to be able to find tranquillity, small enough for everything to be within little more than an hour’s drive. It’s packed with fascinating history, natural features, distinctive architecture, hospitable people and places for energetic treks or just relaxing by the sea.

Excellent base

We had visited Lanzarote previously but this was our first visit to Santa Rosa. We’d done some homework and the welcome meeting complemented our research. A handy local map ensured we got our bearings. A quick walk confirmed the good news that the restaurants at the top of our short-list (Casa Luis, El Navarro) were no more than a stone’s throw away.**quote**

In Arrecife, our daughter, Clare, soon identified the potential of a couple of the local cocktail bars. Within 24 hours of arrival I felt more ‘chilled’ than I can remember for a long time.

Santa Rosa proved to be an excellent base. We quickly fell in to the routine of fetching fresh baguettes, eating breakfast on the balcony, doing some exploring (or not, depending on the laziness factor of the day) and returning to the luxury of a few lengths in the cool pool, reading on the sun-loungers, maybe a game of table tennis or pool, selecting a DVD, catching up with our son Will back home via wi-fi, a beer and then dinner on the balcony or in one of the local restaurants.

All of which sums up the benefits of being a Bondholder. Everything is available hassle-free when you want it.

Walks and sunshine

Lanzarote is splendid walking territory – the natural features invite exploration. In a landscape dominated by volcanic remains we wanted to experience the desolation. We climbed the nearby Montana Corona (starting from the Hotel Beatriz) late one afternoon. This afforded a clear view of the valley leading to Teguise and the hills up to Haria beyond.

On another day we walked around and inside Montana Cuervo. This was a darker crater, huge and eerie inside, yet still home to some hardy flowers, inching their way through the lava waste and reflecting the bright sunlight.

The Playa de Papagayo (reached via a couple of kilometres at a slow pace on a heavily rutted track) is a perfect beach. Nestled in a cove to the east of Playa Blanca it forms the perfect sun-trap and is the ideal location for a swim in the sea.

It wasn’t really practical for us to stay for six months, but I’m sure we’ll be back. There’s still much more to see and do – maybe some cycling, the museums in Arrecife or a trip to Isla la Graciosa. We have an idea for using the inter-island flights to combine Santa Rosa and HPB’s private resort at El Balcón de Santa Ana on La Gomera. An HPB double!

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